We are on a mission to help build strong communities focused on helping one another achieve a healthy balance between eating the right foods and training properly. Our well&tight members are successful in reaching their weight loss goals by supporting each other, training together and following the weekly well&tight nutrition and exercise guidelines. Below are a few of our stories that we hope will inspire you to join us in living a well&tight life. 

Amy's well&tight Journey

Amy has lost almost 40 lbs and 20 inches with well&tight through a combination of personalized and group programs. Amy joined the well&tight community because she felt like she was in a rut. She trained regularly and felt she ate well but could not lose weight consistently. 

Amy was successful reaching her goals because she truly embraced the power of the well&tight community by making new #fitfriends who continue to challenge her to keep training and make the right nutrition choices. Amy feels like she finally has the right formula and tools to keep the weight off for good as well as the support and accountability of amazing new friends to hold her accountable. 

In Amy's words: Continuing to feel stronger, happier, and much more control of my life helps me stay motivated. I understand how to control my food choices. I have the confidence to indulge without losing control. Learning to have a much better relationship with food and portions has really made a huge difference for me. I have the healthiest relationship with food than I have every had in my entire life.

Amy's next goal is to continue to lose weight but doesn't feel controlled by the number on the scale anymore. She feels confident in her ability to reach her goals for the first time in her life. I have no doubt you will succeed Amy. You are an inspiration to so many women and I am so excited for many more well&tight adventures with you in the New Year!

Lena's well&tight Journey

Lena lost 27lbs lbs and 19 inches while on our 8 week TAKE IT ALL OFF personalize program. She has improved her cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides levels to optimal levels, which were all in unhealthy zones prior to this journey. 

Lena stayed motivated while on the program because she wanted to improve recent health issues that were brought on by weight gain. Knowing that she had to meet with me every 2 weeks to weigh in made Lena feel accountable and helped her stick to the nutrition and training guidelines. Lena attributes her success mostly to her new well&tight nutrition habits. Understanding when her body needs fuel, what and how much to eat, helped her surpass her original goals. Committing to the meal plans for 8 weeks has resulted in a lifestyle change where Lena no longer craves the unhealthy food she was eating before. The recipes on the plan are healthy, tasty and filling which helped.

Lena's next goal is to continue to lose while following the well&tight nutrition guidelines, tone and get stronger to ensure this lifestyle sticks for good. Congratulations on such incredible results Lena. All the hard work, effort and dedication you put into living a well&tight life has paid off and I can't wait till see what you've got next for us!

NORM and LISA'S well&tight JOURNEY:


Norm lost 28 lbs, 10 inches and Lisa lost 18 lbs and 10 inches on their 8 week LONG DISTANCE LOVE well&tight program. This power couple stayed motivated while on our online program because of their commitment to achieve a healthy weight and establish long lasting eating and active habits for their family of four.

Lisa believes the online support, Facebook closed group and community support played a critical role in helping their family stick to the nutrition plan by trying new foods and recipes regularly. Prior to starting this program Lisa was stuck in the rat race of 'convenience' pre-packaged eating. Although She was always conscious of nurturing her body with healthy whole foods-this program opened her eyes to a whole new world of what healthy eating really looks like. 

Norm had recently received a stern warning from his doctor that his blood pressure was dangerously high. After 8 weeks on the well&tight online program Norm's blood pressure is better than optimal at 115/75. 

Norm and Lisa are so happy with the results they have achieved that they will be continuing to live a well&tight life and are now entering maintenance mode with a renewed focus on training and becoming stronger. Congratulations to an incredible couple who deserve all the success they achieved on this well&tight online program.

ALEX'S well&tight JOURNEY:

Alex lost 18 lbs lbs and 12 inches during our SPRING FLING 6 week well&tight program. 

Alex stayed motivated while on the program because of the personal attention he received in adjusting his plan to make sure he met his goals. This made Alex feel accountable to the goals he set out for himself. Also being part of a group of people going through the program together inspired Alex to keep pushing himself to never quit. Alex also credits his wife Jen who played a critical role in supporting him by preparing nourishing meals and snacks that would meet the well&tight guidelines. 

Alex believes the well&tight approach to nutrition played a key role in his success of losing and now maintaining his weight loss. Experiencing first hand the effects eating properly and exercising regularly has on his energy levels and fitness performance has given him the motivation to keep his new well&tight nutrition and training habits permanently. 

Alex's next goal is to tone and get stronger so he can run a half marathon in the fall.

ALEX'S well&tight JOURNEY:

Alex has lost almost 60 lbs by following personalized and group well&tight programs for the past 6 months. When Alex started with us she had a small baby that she was exclusively breastfeeding and was struggling to lose her post baby weight. Alex was able to stay motivated because of the program variety (new nutrition and exercise plans each week) and she never felt like she was doing it alone with the well&tight community supporting her. Cutting out sugar, refined food and adding regular exercise back into her lifestyle was a big contributor to Alex's success. Congratulations Alex! Losing almost 60 lbs is a very daunting endeavour but there is no stopping you when you put your mind to something.

VINCE'S well&tight JOURNEY

Vince lost over 20 lbs and 17 inches during our 'New Year New You' 8 week well&tight program. Vince was successful in his efforts because he had his wife on the program with him and felt accountable to the entire well&tight community. By preparing most of his meals at home instead of ordering in or eating out and adding consistent exercise back into his life, Vince was able to achieve his goals. Vince has registered for the well&tight 'Spring Fling' 6 week program starting in May with a goal of losing 9 more lbs and then will be switching over to maintenance mode just in time for the summer to start. Congratulations Vince! I had no doubt you would reach your goals with Dana and the well&tight community by your side. 

DANA'S well&tight JOURNEY

Dana lost 14 lbs lbs and 15 inches during our 'New Year New You' 8 week well&tight program. Dana was able to reach her goal because she had many close friends and her husband commit to the program with her. I am always impressed when someone like Dana is able to lose more inches than pounds because it's a true testament to thier commitment to training regularly while on the program. Dana and her husband Vince made an effort to prepare all their meals at home and cut back considerably on eating out. This power couple have both registered for the well&tight SPRING FLING 6 week program starting in May with a goal to finish the 10 km race strong while improving their cardio strength in the process. Congratulations Dana! You are a force to be reckoned with and I can't wait to see you finish the race with a smile on your face!

NEETA'S well&tight JOURNEY:

Neeta lost 20 lbs and 13 inches over 12 weeks while following the well&tight program. Over the last 7 years Neeta noticed extra weight slowly creep on her small frame. After trying multiple nutrition focused regimes without success, Neeta was ready to admit defeat and accept her new body. With the support of her husband (who also lost 20 lbs) and the well&tight community, Neeta found the determination and commitment she needed to lose the access weight and live a well&tight life again. Neeta is now in maintenance mode and looking to improve her overall cardio and fitness levels. Congratulations Neeta! You are an incredible inspiration to your family and the entire well&tight community.

ZAC'S well&tight JOURNEY:


Zac lost over 21 lbs and 8 inches during his 8 weeks on the well&tight program. Zac was motivated by the commitment from his community rallying together to get healthy. Most importantly, Zac had his beautiful wife Fiona by his side, tackling the challenge with him. Zac noticed the biggest change once he cut out wheat and refined sugar from his diet. Next up for Zac is to start working on his beach body and toning just in time for cottage season. Well done Zac and Fiona! It was an absolute pleasure experiencing the power of a couple supporting each other in this endeavour.


Michelle lost over 12 lbs and 9 inches during her 8 weeks on the well&tight program! Michelle rallied her friends to join her and their commitment played a big role in helping her beat her goal. Michelle was already working out regularly but adding cardio like spinning and changing her eating habits to well&tight guidelines really made the difference. Michelle is in maintenance mode now and enjoying her new leaner self. Well done Michelle! It is always such a pleasure helping someone as positive and motivated as you are.


Courtney lost 13 lbs and over 6 inches in our 8 weeks together. Courtney was motivated knowing the entire group was after the same goal. She found all the recipes and tips in the FB group really helpful as well as sharing in each others success together. Not eating after 7 pm and drinking lemon water each day (a mental reset) were big changes in her lifestyle that contributed to her success. Next up, Courtney plans to maintain her weight lose and start improving her overall strength and toning efforts. GREAT WORK Courtney in losing those final stubborn 10+ lbs!

MAGGIE'S well&tight JOURNEY:

Maggie lost over 10 lbs and 10 inches in our 8 weeks together. Maggie was really motivated by the well&tight community and all the continuous support, tips and reminders inspired her to stick to the plan and stay on track. Having a new program sent to her each week helped switch things up and challenged her to try new things. Cutting out wheat and sugar was also a big contributor in helping Maggie lean out. Next up, Maggie plans to lose 3 more lbs and maintain her weight lose. We are so proud of your effort Maggie! You worked really hard and deserve all your success.