well&tight is on a mission to help you become your best potential self. We are a dedicated in person and online community focused on helping each other achieve long term wellness, fitness and vitality goals. Our hard-working nutrition, training and vitality programs, dedicated community support and weekly group workouts ensure everyone is successful.


In between each GROUP RESET, we train together for 7-10 weeks to stay accountable, tighten, tone and continue to reach our well&tight goals. Each week we focus on improving functional movement, mobility, cardio and strength with BARRE, HIIT, Pilates and Yoga inspired workouts. We close our time together with a mindful meditation. Babies are optional during mom&babe.


Our Group RESET is a 6 week program and our most popular. Each winter, spring and fall we rally together and follow a dedicated nutrition program, workout multiple times a week and stay accountable to one another. We add an (option) race with distances ranging from 5 km, 10 km, half or full marathon and triathlon to help you uncover new possibility.


Our mom&babe training and nutrition program is designed for moms with small babies/children who are looking for the tools, accountability and support needed to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose post pregnancy weight. And in an environment that's baby, toddler, breastfeeding and sleep deprived friendly. Ditch the lonely workouts during naps and join us!

well&tight KIDS

These programs combine popular yoga poses with fun and engaging creative play. Your yogi will have the opportunity to experience and discover the physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga. They also acquire breathing, meditation and mindfulness techniques through games, dance and music. Ages 4-8 appropriate.


Our online program is designed for anyone looking for additional accountability and support in losing weight and gaining strength remotely. The nutrition guidelines are easy to follow and online training videos are designed to challenge all levels of fitness and can be done in the comfort of your own home, with no equipment. 


Our Vitality5 public and corporate programs are designed to educate and cultivate improved physical vibrancy (energy) to live the life you desire and emotional balance (confidence) to achieve your goals and connect on a deeper level with others. Acquiring vitality will help you thrive in life. Offering: Hormone and Gut Health


A personalized program is designed to provide you with more one on one support in order to help you lose weight, gain strength, improve endurance and reduce stress. Both the nutrition and training programs are customized to fit your needs for optimal results. We offer BARRE, Pilates, HIIT, Power Yoga and guided meditation. Private or up to 4 people. 


In order to inspire change in others, you must first look deep within yourself. This training will provide you with the framework to take action and experience transformation in your life, as well as inspire it in others. You do not have to become a well&tight trainer. Your journey is your own and each one looks very different.