The word ‘meditation’ can be intimidating. Many of us understand the endless benefits to a regular meditation practice and simply don’t know where to start. In our FREE 5 Day Meditation Challenge, we’ll help you start a regular meditation practice, provide you with daily meditations to guide you through a mindful process that will help you reduce stress, feel more grounded in your life and help you enjoy the life unfolding in front of you instead of the chaos on replay in your head.

We understand the voice in your head may give you a million reasons not to start this challenge. Reasons like: I don’t have time, I’ll never be able to sit still, my mind races regardless of my efforts, I’ve tried and failed before etc…We understand and you are not alone. Let’s shift our focus instead to all of the benefits you’ll experience if you do try this challenge.

Here are 5 reasons you should join us on this 5 Day Meditation Challenge and develop a mindful practice:

  1. Understand your pain: Mental pain and anxiety are a background noise that can underlie much of what we do. Here’s a chance to see firsthand what’s causing it.

  2. Lower stress: There’s lots of evidence that excess stress causes illness and makes other illnesses worse. Mindfulness decreases stress.

  3. Connect better: Ever find yourself staring blankly at a friend, partner, child, and you’ve no idea what they’re saying? Mindfulness helps you give them your full attention.

  4. Improve focus: It can be frustrating to have our mind stray off what we’re doing and be pulled in six directions. Meditation hones our innate ability to focus.

  5. Reduce brain chatter: The nattering, chattering voice in our head seems never to leave us alone. Isn’t it time we gave it a little break?


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