FAQ about well&tight:

well&tight is on a mission to help you become your best potential self. We are a dedicated community focused on helping each other achieve long term wellness, fitness and vitality goals. We want to make movement accessible to everyone and have developed a unique honour system policy that encourages a fun, challenging and welcoming community environment.

Where are you located?

Our group training program take place at Gotta Dance Studios near Jane and Dundas. There is lots of parking in the back and a place to park strollers in the back door entrance if needed. Our private training takes place at the well&tight studio near Bloor and Royal York.

Do you offer a monthly membership?

Yes, we now offer a monthly membership which will save you 25% off each program. It also gives you other perks like 15% off all workshops, early access to gear and immersive weekend registration.

How do the group programs work?

We alternate RESET programs (Nutrition + Training + Vitality) with TIGHT TRAINING programs (Training only) throughout the year.

What is a RESET program?

Each Winter, Spring and Fall we rally together and follow a dedicated nutrition program, workout multiple times a week and stay accountable to one another. A RESET is designed to help you establish healthy habits (nutrition plan, vitality challenges and endless training classes together) that help you achieve new strength and body composition goals.

What is a TIGHT TRAINING program?

Between each RESET, we train together for 7 - 10 weeks to help you stay accountable, become stronger and continue to reach your well&tight goals. Each week we focus on improving functional movement, mobility, cardio and strength with BARRE, Pilates, HIIT and Yoga inspired workouts.

How does the class pass system work?

We operate on a very unique honour system that is very popular because it’s flexible and accommodating to your busy schedule needs. Simply show up to a class when it works for you and sign in with the trainer. You can use your class passes at the mom&babe classes or the regular classes. You DO NOT need to sign up for a class in advance. We trust you to use your class passes as it works for you and encourage you to get full value of your program with us.

What happens if I don’t use all my class passes by the end of the session?

In order to manage our popular and flexible class pass system, we encourage you to use all of your classes by the end of each session. In fact, we would rather you get an extra class in during a session, than have classes left. We also notice that people feel more accountable and show up when they don’t really feel like it (and never regret it) making our members very successful in reaching their goals and cementing their new healthy habits for good. In order to keep the integrity of this process, we are not able to carry classes into the next session.

Can I join a session late?

Yes, you can join a session anytime. Simply bye the amount of classes that work for you and use them up before the session is complete. If the session is almost complete and you don’t think you can use all the classes, contact us and we can find a solution to get you moving with us right away.

Do I need a baby to join a mom&babe class?

You do not need a baby to attend the mom&babe classes. If your kids are in school or you have childcare, simply show up without your babe and plan to get a great sweat on with us.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.