Our training philosophy is rooted in the belief that exercise is a celebration of what our body is capable of and not a punishment for what we ate. We will motivate and inspire you to move often and in many ways. All of our programs offer a wide variety of training to help you maximize your potential and explore new possibilities within yourself. 

CARDIO CORE: This class is a combination of pilates strengthening movements and high intensity, low impact cardio efforts. Our time together is designed to provide you with high energy strength, core and cardio interval sets guaranteed tone and define your entire core system. We invite you to release into an space of curiosity while we explore who you are at your core, both physically and spiritually. Our hour together will help you set free old limiting beliefs and encourage new empowering conversations within.

SAOR: a Gaelic term, meaning to find release and be free. This class is a fusion of high intensity movement combined with mindful pilates efforts and a release found through yoga flows. When you physically exhaust the body, you have no choice but to release the ego and listen to your heart. To listen. To feel. To heal. And finally to love. Together, let’s elevate the vibration of your energy with a vigorous workout for your body and soul. Give yourself the permission to get uncomfortable and feel vulnerable in this class, because it’s within vulnerability that we find new strength.

INFERNO PILATES: This is a challenging, full body, high intensity, low impact workout designed to create a stronger core system, long lean muscle mass, improve your cardio and cleanse your soul. The entire class is performed on a mat making it zero impact, protecting your joints and muscles from the pounding of other exercises. Our time together will help you unblock whatever is weighing you down, encourage an open heart and more energized self. This class is performed in a non-heated room.  

TIGHT BARRE DRIP: Designed to help you build lean, toned muscles, increase your metabolism and live a well&tight life with extended mobility and support. The BARRE training method has taken the fitness world by storm because simply put, it works. Our time together will help you uncover new body strength and balance, improved digestion and increased levels of energy. Join us in uncovering a whole new tight you. Whatever you enjoy doing – hiking, running, yoga, dancing – BARRE will help you do it better.

TIGHT SWEAT: This high energy, sweat dripping, heart pounding interval training (HIIT) session is designed to improve strength, cardiovascular endurance, build lean muscle and get results fast. Our calorie burning time together is just the tight love you deserve and will help you tone and sculpt your body into its tightest self yet. With a new workout each time, this class is 'plateau proof' and just what you need to experience serious results. Modifications provided so all levels can maximize this time together, with a focus to keep pushing you further.  

TIGHT YOGA FLOW: Rinse out your weekend and create space in your mind and body to be grounded, present, and powerful. This class is designed to ignite into your mind, body and soul. You will experience improved core strength and mobility for increased athletic performance, tension release, while cultivating mental clarity. You will sweat, strengthen and lengthen during our time together, leaving you rinsed, rejuvenated, and in a calmer state of mind to carry into your week. All levels are welcome, come as you are.

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