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There is no denying it. We are better together and training is no exception. When you are surrounded with an incredible group of people, you train harder and get stronger. You feel accountable to your goals and show up when it matters.

We have partnered with an inspiring and very motivating group of women in order to bring you more classes and help you become your best potential self. 

How our class pass works: Buy the amount of classes (9, 18, unlimited) that coordinate best with your weekly training and movement needs. Use your class passes when it works for your schedule over our 9 week program. Pilates, HIIT, Yoga, BARRE and attend as many or as few classes as you need each week. 


  • 9 week training program
  • 45 - 60 min classes
  • Click here for class descriptions
  • Starts: February 25th, 2018
  • Location: Gotta Dance Studio (Jane/Dundas)
  • Schedule:
    • Sunday 8:00 pm – Tight Core Yoga & Meditation 
    • Monday 10:00 am – mom&babe HIIT
    • Tuesday 6:15 am – Cardio Yoga Jam
    • Tuesday 9:15 am - BARRE
    • Wed 11:00 am – mom&babe HIIT
    • Thursday 8:00 pm – HIIT/BARRE 
    • Friday 9:15 am – Pilates 
    • Friday 10:00 am – mom&babe Tight Yoga
    • Sat 7:30 am - HIIT/BARRE

PLEASE NOTE: Babes are optional at the mom&babe classes. Anyone can attend these classes.

Click here for a full schedule

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