2018 mom&babe TST


2018 mom&babe TST

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Your journey into a healthier and stronger woman starts now. Our 10 week training program is designed for moms with small babies/children who are looking for the tools, accountability and support needed to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose post pregnancy weight.

You will establish new eating and training habits guaranteed to build lean muscle and remove fat, as well as a maintenance strategy that’s realistic and keeps the weight off. And in an environment that's baby, toddler, breastfeeding and sleep deprived friendly.


  • Kicks off June 24th x 10 weeks

  • 45 - 60 min classes

  • Click here for class descriptions

  • Location: Gotta Dance Studio (Jane/Dundas)

    • Sunday 8:00 pm – Tight Core Yoga & Meditation

    • Monday 10:00 am – Tight Sweat (mom&babe)

    • Monday 8:00 pm – Inferno Pilates

    • Tuesday 6:15 am – Cardio Yoga Jam

    • Wed 11:00 am – Tight Sweat/Tight BARRE Burn (mom&babe)

    • Thursday 8:00 pm – Tight Sweat/Tight BARRE Burn

    • Friday 9:30 am – Tight Pilates

    • Sat 7:30 am - Tight Sweat/Tight BARRE Burn

  • PLEASE NOTE: Babes are optional at the mom&babe classes. As part of your mom&babe class pass, you are welcome to join all of the classes.

  • Use the class passes at any of our classes, when it works best for you, over 10 weeks this summer.

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