well&tight Kids (Nov/Dec)


well&tight Kids (Nov/Dec)

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Our well&tight KIDS classes combine popular yoga poses with fun and engaging creative play. Your little yogi will have the opportunity to experience and discover the physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga. They will also acquire breathing, meditation and mindfulness techniques through games, dance and music.

Benefits of regular yoga for your children:

  • Mental Strength: self-discovery, confidence, self-respect, patience, determination, stillness, improved focus and mental clarity.

  • Emotional Strength: inner peace, spiritual connection, compassion for others, empathy and kindness.

  • Physical Strength: body awareness, coordination and balance, strength and flexibility, gross and fine motor skills, breathing techniques.

Details: 7 week program

  • Start: October 27, 2018

  • Location: Gotta Dance

  • Saturday at 7:30 am (3-7 year olds)

BONUS - We have an adult class happening at 7:30 am in a separate room so you can get your tight sweat on while your little yogi flows.

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