well&tight is on a mission to help you become your best potential self. We are a dedicated community focused on helping each other achieve long term wellness, fitness and vitality goals. Our hard-working nutrition, training and vitality programs, dedicated community support and weekly training sessions ensure everyone is successful.

Our programs will help you:

  • Achieve maintainable weight loss  
  • Build muscle, tighten and tone
  • Build a strong training community you continue to rely on
  • Challenge your existing limits and try new ways to stay active
  • Build stronger emotional balance (confidence) and physical vibrancy (energy)
  • Become more mindful and present in your everyday life
  • Educate yourself on the lifestyle changes needed to be your best potential self

Nat Harrison, founder and busy mom, is relentless and endlessly passionate when it comes to creating a lasting lifestyle that helps herself and others live a well&tight life. Nat is a certified nutritionist and trainer (Barre, Power Yoga and Pilates) who has spent countless hours with functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, industry professionals and trainers in search of a balanced nutrition plan and exercise regime that provides the variety we crave from food and a workout plan for hectic schedules that will help you achieve a well&tight life. Learn more about how well&tight was created here

It’s no secret that as we leave our 20's, our metabolism slows down considerably, we become less active due to other priorities and bad eating habits tend to stick despite our best efforts to be healthier. Weight creeps on and we long for our younger, tighter selves. With less time to exercise, workouts need to be efficient and effective. Plus, today’s diet and lifestyle advice is all over the map. From cutting out sugar, to eating like cavemen to juice cleanses…it’s easy to get confused and frustrated. We all have our own reasons for gaining unnecessary weight, becoming less resilient and easily stressed.

The best part, we all have it in us to lose weight, re-gain confidence, energy and vitality. 

Immersing ourselves in a community of like-minded people with similar goals is a big part of why well&tight programs are so successful for so many people. Regardless of your location, desire to work one on one or in a larger group, we can accommodate your needs and are eager to help you reach your goals.

We are a Toronto based organization and our in person efforts take place in the west end of Toronto (Jane/Dundas). Our online nutrition programs and training videos allow us to help remote well&tight members and accommodate the needs of everyone regardless of your location. 

For more information on our programs and how you can start your journey to living a well&tight life: