well&tight is on a mission to help you become your best potential self. We are a dedicated community focused on helping each other achieve long term wellness, fitness and vitality goals. Our hard-working nutrition, training and vitality programs, dedicated community support and weekly training sessions ensure everyone is successful.

Our programs will help you:

  • Create lasting connections with women who are on the same journey as you
  • Build muscle, tighten and tone
  • Challenge your existing limits and try new ways to move 
  • Build stronger emotional balance (confidence) and physical vibrancy (energy)
  • Become more mindful and present in your everyday life
  • Lifestyle changes to help you be your best potential self

Immersing ourselves in a community of like-minded people with similar goals is a big part of why well&tight programs are so successful for so many people. Regardless of your location, desire to work one on one or in a larger group, we can accommodate your needs and are eager to help you reach your goals.

We are a Toronto based organization and our in person efforts take place in the west end of Toronto (Jane/Dundas). Our online nutrition programs and training videos allow us to help remote well&tight members and accommodate the needs of everyone regardless of your location. 

For more information on our programs and how you can start your journey to living a well&tight life: